Our Story

J Avenue Organic Apparel was created from a brother sister duo on a mission to bring safe clothing to children with an emphasis on fun and creative design. Cote and Calle were raised in a small town in Southern California.  J Avenue has great significance to Cote and Calle as it is the location of their family home where they learned the importance of strong family values. Life on J Avenue was full of love, joy, and lots of family with numerous cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents just a short bike pedal away. 

Now that the kids on J Avenue have grown up, they have chosen to continue working as a family. They have taken it upon themselves to provide families with stylish apparel you can trust to be free of harmful pesticides, chemicals and skin irritants.  J Avenue's cotton is made from 100% organic cotton.  These two siblings feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work together on a project they are so passionate about and look forward to growing relationships with amazing customers and friends!